I'm a Visual designer and Photographer. 
I began my journey in the art world at a very young age, attending the Art Institute and furthering my studies in graphic design at the Academies of Fine Arts in Catanzaro and Turin. My curiosity always drives me to explore and acquire skills in various areas, expanding my knowledge and my wealth of experiences. My work, eclectic and experimental, is influenced by botany, the processes of image transformation through analog/digital photographic techniques, and the relationship between human beings and nature. I currently live and work in Calabria.


2017 - Winner of the PoloPositivo - Images for Calabria competition, 1st edition, Contest for young artists - photography and video art, National Gallery of Cosenza - Palazzo Arnone, curated by Melissa Acquesta and Gemma Anais Principe, scientific coordination by Angela Acordon and Nella Mari.
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